ML Coventry.

ML  Coventry Test Room 1921.jpg (35359 bytes)

ML's magneto test room pictured in 1921




The following show a pair of ML G4's as originally used on the first Bentley's

ML G4 1.jpg (8454 bytes)

As received. Stripped for inspection.



ML G4 2.jpg (9669 bytes)

Rewound armatures. Bodies cleaned, painting done.



ML G4 3.jpg (7979 bytes)

The complete 'pile' of parts ready for reassembly.



ML G4 5.jpg (6344 bytes)




ML G4 on engine.jpg (18771 bytes)

Refitted to engine.


1924 3ltr Bentley.jpg (21303 bytes)

1924 3ltr Bentley


ML ER4.jpg (5713 bytes)



Bentley again

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