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Adrian Gorvin

Specialist Magneto Engineer

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  bosch-jpeg.jpg (5317 bytes) Take an ordinary Bosch DU4, add some custom made parts and a 1907 Darracq becomes Dual Ignition. Bosch-coil-jpeg.jpg (3957 bytes)
When I was originally asked whether I could convert the magneto fitted to this car to dual ignition I said that depending on exactly what model mag was fitted it may be possible and a Bosch High Tension switch Coil would be needed as well.. Of course the mag was not suitable and it was agreed that the best way forward was to find a more suitable donor magneto for adaption. The Bosch DU4 Magneto you see here may look as though it has always been for dual ignition operation but I can assure you that it never left Bosch in that form and uses numerous specially made components to make it suitable for the Darracq. The Bosch Switch Coil? I managed to locate one suitable for restoration! darracq_in_garage-jpeg.jpg (8797 bytes)
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