boschlt.jpg (6246 bytes)

1897 Bosch Low Tension fitted to 1899 Daimler

Bosch-coil-jpeg.jpg (3957 bytes)

HT Trembler/Switch Coil

Bosch J130a.jpg (18233 bytes)

Most of the components of a Bosch J130

Bosch J130d.jpg (23079 bytes)

How many sets of points?

Bosch J130e.jpg (11078 bytes)

Ready for refitting to the Maserati from which it came

Bosch ZU4 for DFP.jpg (18976 bytes)

Bosch ZU4. As it looked after removing the armature for rewinding

Bosch ZU4 for DFP finished.jpg (20755 bytes)

The finished job. This was built for a 1914 DFP as raced by W.O. Bentley before he built Bentley's

bosch-jpeg.jpg (5317 bytes)

Bosch DU4 Dual Ignition Mag

and Switch coil

Bosch FU4B pair.jpg (14491 bytes)

Pair of Bosch FU4B's from a Blower Bentley

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